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Man Dates

by Amy Zidell

• Man Dates

I am disappointed with the decision such a diverse Supreme Court of the United States made regarding Man dates. I am surprised they did not address what I think is essential and important.

I certainly don't have a problem with man dates as a thing. If the man is polite, and respectful, and doesn't overdue their cologne, man dates can truly be wonderful. What I have a problem with, and what I am strongly against, is someone telling me if I work at a certain place I have to have a specific man date and I object to someone else, let alone the government, telling me how many man dates I HAVE to have.

There are a lot of different kinds of man dates. I fully object to a man date where the guy initially asks me out for a coffee (or tea), and then they want to change the man date up and all of a sudden an afternoon coffee turns into late night drinks. No, no, and no. I fully object to moving the goal post. That is totally unacceptable and it is a blatant overreach. I will be blunt, that is a booty call not a man date. How did SCOTUS ignore this?

I object to man dates where, if out for dinner, you have finished a beverage with alcohol and the server asks you if you want another and you say, "No thanks. That's enough for me."

And your man date starts pushing, repeatedly, "Oh common, I'll get you another."

And you say, "No thanks."

The man date insists, "Let me get you another one."

And you have to repeat, "No, thank you."

And this continues until you either leave or you adamantly state, "I don't want another one. Don't ask me again. The answer is still NO."

What is going on with that? Well either man date is trying get you drunk so they can turn the man date into a man date rape. Or they think their presentation of their ability to buy you multiple drinks will impress you with their financial means. Neither is acceptable. No does mean no even when it's about a beer. The man date may also be trying to hide themselves being a heavy drinker. That's not a good man date either.

If we want the government out of our bedrooms, the government has no place in a man date.

I also object to the government use of CZARS. Why on earth would the government of the free American people, in a country that should be the antithesis of a totalitarian dictatorship use CZARS? I more than object, I find it offensive and use of that in the government should be treated as a hate crime. Absolutely serious about that. I mean following the logic of Drug Czar makes as much sense of government coordinated neighborhood watches or neighborhood policing being labeled Pogroms. All these programs, please don't let the crazies trick you by manipulating the language -- they don't mean PRO Gram they mean Pogrom.

Back to how outrageous government man dates are. What happened to the METOO ers? Where is the LGBTQ? In a free society the government cannot assume the date is man, woman, or revolving gender identification label. What's next? Is swamp dweller big government going to insert itself when free citizens arrange playtime for toddlers, kids or pets via a play date?

America was founded for more than one reason: freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, no taxation without representation, private property rights, and more. ALL such rights are under attack when the government wants to Man date us.


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