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Almost Plausible:

by Amy Zidell

• Prologue

[ I wrote first draft of this piece yesterday August 25, 2021. As humor is utilized, as least attempt at humor, regarding Biden administration handling of Afghanistan -- after learning of todays attack(s) that killed United States of America service members I thought a humor piece might not be appropriate. However, the message doesn't change; I'm not the only pointing it out, just differently. So I am posting it.]

• Almost Plausible

It is hard not to be glued to the news whether radio, TV, or web to stay informed about the Afghanistan situation. This country (USA) has been involved with Afghanistan for over 20 years, large result due to the worst attack on our country since WWII.

What is so frustrating is that the commentary is so far off. Most every commentator is so puzzled at the Biden administration's management of the situation, albeit that last day or so there are some hints of people beginning to understand. What are they understanding? What was clear to me from day one -- the Afghanistan situation is precisely what Biden and his team (that includes Obama) want.

While my Bachelors is in Political Science and international relations was part of my upper division course work, political themes in media (pre-social media) also a key part of my studies. If I ever pursue graduate degrees, I believe it would be in the area of Evolutionary International Relations. Regardless, you don't need that academic background, nor the years of experience of many retired military commentators to know one of the basics of law enforcement, especially if that is approach to international relations. One only need to watch a little bit of Law and Order or other cops and robbers shows to know that strategically criminals, really bad ones, are released, not just because progressive law or arbitrary unequal application of law erasing many means whereby dangerous people can be separated from civil society - nope it is because when the bad guys/girls, hers/his(s) are out of custody they can be tracked and monitored and lead the good guys/girls hers/his(s) to the bigger bad guys/girls hers/his(s) and then the bad ones can be put away.

So when I make statement that the ensuing chaos is exactly what Biden wants don't assume it is because he is an opportunist only looking out for himself and his own family, though might could possibly conceivable perhaps sell someone close for personal benefit. And, will add this related tangent, just because Biden has word retrieval issues on occasion does not make him incompetent or incapable of leading a country in a direction of his or his supporters choosing. A word is a word. It is not always the intended thought, not an action.

One could not pull off such a surmountable result if thought were not involved. The clear strategy is quite simple and ties in more precise than a finished dovetail joint drawer with what many refer to as WOKE. See sleeper cells can't stay asleep if wokeness prevails. Sleeper cells don't stay asleep when woke. Following the logic of the Biden strategy, woke sleeper cells, that are undoubtedly spread across the globe as much as COVID, are more visible when things are woke. It is an unbelievable brilliance. To think that the dramatic decrease in terrorist attacks, prior to the implementation of the Biden strategy, was, after all, hiding where each bad person was. It is hard to see something and say something if someone is asleep. When they are not sleepers THEN you can get them.

It is astounding that too many from bureaucrats, to military, to whatever industrial complex version, and journalists are so stuck in tunnel vision that they don't see what's right in front of them. Biden demonstrates brilliant leadership that has never existed before. It is time for more people to wake up to reality because woke wakes something else.


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