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Almost Challenged:

by Amy Zidell

• Almost Challenged

For a year it has frustrated me that the characterization of the 'January 6th Insurrection seems to be missing a point -- a point that I think is so obvious it is profoundly puzzling it hasn't been heard, till now.

Can we not all agree that the 2020 presidential election experienced, whether under the guise of COVID-19 or not, at least some irregularities? At least some confusion? At least some discrepancies? I will stomp any statements including the word mass, vast, changing. I don't care whether a single vote was made in error or one hundred thousand. I grew up on every vote counts. And if one ballot in one district in one machine was miscounted -- that counts; it matters. Or rather it didn't count; it didn't matter. Please, it is not allowed to change the topic. After all quality usurps quantity.

At the time of the entire process of the 2020 presidential election I was avidly watching lots of coverage, and yes that included CSPAN, live or replays online. Press conferences, ballot counting, nitty-gritty stuff. Every vote counting is something serious to me. I articulated that in a piece after the 2020 election, Almost Every Vote Counts.

I was eager to sit and watch the entire process of joint session of congress with Vice President presiding, verify and certify the Electoral College Vote. Whether results would change or not. Regardless of whether 'issues' with the election were rampant or minuscule, this was going to be the first time any problem could be publicly broadcast through a representative on the record. On the record. No press conference with team of attorneys or cable news show censoring what they show or twitter handles with words. No claim scoffed away with bias. Nope, this was a the only time when whatever didn't see right from Georgia to Pennsylvania to Arizona. This was the on the record sounding board.

If you really need to know who and what state, I could remind via research. No matter, it was just about when a representative was going to spell out why they challenged the results for a particular state, that the process was stopped unusually. To what seemed to many no more than a summer of riots rolling into the Capitol, the Capitol was evacuated. There had been a breach. It was not pretty.

Once the dust had settled and order restored, the nitty-gritty process resumed. At this point, it was a mere formality if ever one existed. Those challenges? Poof! Gone like dragging an unwanted text, or spam call away.

There was real fear. As if those stoking no rule of law had it land in the their lap and they were like, "Oh, hey. Ok, it's gone too far. Enough."

So if the insurrection was coordinated to challenge, upset, overturn, protest, disrupt results, wouldn't you need the results, i.e. certified results, before overturning something? How can you overturn something yet to be verified or certified? From this observer it is a red neon flashing sign, the Capitol disruption disrupted on the record testimony documentation of electoral challenges.
Unasked question about challenges unchallenged.
A couple good follow up questions to ask:
Who did/does this help?
Who benefited?
Who profited/profits?

[Epilogue:] From enough that it is more than anecdotal, one could wonder if the offensively agressive relentless marketing with nasty email, texting, phoning, of anyone who even considered thinking of supporting some candidates is intentional future voter suppression. Registered voters have been so annoyed they may at least, at least likely never donate to a candidate ever again. Something to be challenged.
A couple good questions to ask:
Who did/does this help?
Who benefited?
Who profited/profits?
It is not the American people or this great country. Every voter counts. Every vote counts. Every dollar counts.


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